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The Loft

Consignment Guidelines

  • No Consigning Fees
  • Consignment Split is determined by the individual item sale price

0-$49.99                      Consignor receives 40%

$50.00-$149.99          Consignor receives 50%

$150.00 and up            Consignor receives 60%

  • We consign on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10-4:30
  • We take NEW consigners every January
  • We do not accept consignments on a week with a major holiday
  • Bring in a tote or laundry basket with 15 items or less. Items in trash bags will be refused.
  • The loft will go through your items and pick out the items we think we can sell.
  • We will give you back the "No Thank You’s". Please don’t be offended we know what sells and what doesn't. We also have thousands of consignors and everyone would like a chance to sell.
  • You May Consign once a week.
  • We will enter the items you left with us into our computer system within 15 business days and next time you come in we can give you a print out of what you left with us or you may call during normal business hours to check on your account.
  • As your items sell you may stop in and get cash or store credit. You do not have to wait till the end of the consignment period.
  • Monies not collected after 6 months of the end of the consignment period will be forfeited. It is your responsibility to keep up with your account.
  • Your items will remain on the sales floor for 60 days.
  • You have 1 - 5 days prior to the end of the 60 day consignment period to pick up any unsold items you would like back.
  •  Any items left after the 60 days become the sole property of The Loft Consignment.

Items we do not currently accept

  • Business attire
  • Formal wear
  • Dress pants
  • Jewelry
  • Skirts
  • We are *very* selective on women's jeans